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Story of my New Logo

January 15, 2017  •  6 Comments

Hey All!

 I'm excited to share my new branding and logo! There is a story behind it I wanted to share with you all, a little nervous but excited!

I lost my grandma last April, she was my person, she helped raise me, she was my best friend. She suffered from Alzheimers disease, and she didn't know who I was the last few years of her life, if you have been through this you know how absolutely devestating this is. I have never experience such heart ache. She was an amazing woman, she was hilarious, sweet, she loved everyone, and made the worlds best pies. I can still hear her voice and hope to never lose that. If you met her you couldn't help but love her, and all her corky sayings. 


The day she passed away I was overcome with grief, I walked outside and had a butterfly right in front of my face, the first one I had saw last year, that butterfly followed me, flying right beside me, it put a smile on my face for the first time that day, making me think of her watching me and still being with me. I am sure this is silly but from then on I see butterflies everywhere, the house plant I was given from her funeral has a butterfly sticking out of it, the only card I could find that she had given me is covered in butterflies, I told her if the butterflies meant something to show me, the next day I was swarmed with probably 100 butterflies, this had never happened to me, I have held them in my hand, and see them everywhere I go. Its probably a coincidence and a way to comfort myself but to me she is the butterflies! 

Only a handful of people know my story! So here is my new branding!

 These are my new brand colors! The purple represents Alzheimers Awareness, and the teal is my favorite color! 

Incorporating her into my brand is something I am so excited about!

I wanted to share that there is meaning behind these logos! And why I chose what I chose!


Until next time! ....






Byrda Armstrong(non-registered)
This made me smile but tear up as well. Alzheimer's is a nasty disease. And I'm sorry you and your grandma had tongo through that. Shesis in a better place and now shows you how much she loves you by being there in the form of a butterfly. You made a great choice with you new logo. Grandmas forever!!!!
aunt Mary Rollins(non-registered)
I Love Your story and everything Your Logo design represents. Your Grandma, sweetest lady and treated me as Her own. Love You!
Jenny Loos(non-registered)
That was a beautifull tribute to your grand-mother. I know she is smiling down at you. Love you Nick
Chris Ross(non-registered)
U are as beautiful as she was!! And yes she still is beside u
As I read this I cryed like a baby! Gram would be so honored that you chose her. I love you so very much Nicki!!! You were grams special girl!!! May the butterflies continue to soar for you!!!
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